Hudson Lofts

Location: Los Angeles, California
Client: RD Green Development
Market: Muti-story Apartment Complex

UC Santa Barbara Bio Lab 2

Location: Santa Barbara, California
Client: Soltek Pacific
Market: Commercial

Viewpoint School

Calabasas, California

iPic Theaters

Westwood, California

Snapper Jacks Restaurant

Ventura, California


Ventura, California

Redwood Lofts

Los Angeles, California


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Los Angeles | Ventura | Santa Barbara | Orange | San Diego | San Fernando | Santa Maria


Building Fire Protection today, 

to save our future.

Superior Fire started in the field 13 years ago. Since then Superior Fire Inc has flourished into a state wide fire protection construction leader. Our team of project managers, engineers, designers, inspectors, installers and technicians all share a passion for the best quality work. We also do upgrades, expansions and new construction projects in a range of construction projects, this would include residentcial & commercial

Construction can be a complex hassle, Superior Fire understand the needs to complete projects with integrity, safety and precision. Let Superior Fire be you solution for your all construction needs by working smarter.

Skid Pump


Fire Sprinkler and Fire Alarm Installation

Superior Fire Inc. is a full service fire protection and construction company that installs, repairs, and services a wide range of fire suppression, fire sprinkler, and fire life safety systems.


Superior Fire will approve your building’s next 5-year inspection and more.


We have certified designers who work with the latest software. In brief, We produce high quality, code compliant sprinkler and alarm shop drawings.

We’re a multi-certified Company.

We are a Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Minority Bussiess Enterprise (MBE), Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and Government 8a company.

Superior Fire fought through the U.S. struggles of the 2007 recession. Since then, Superior Fire seeks the best in customer satisfaction, partnership, and construction leadership money can buy.

The Superior Fire Family has 2 generations and 30 years of experience to create sustainability and growth to all regions west of the Mississippi .

Company Values

We provide our customers with affordable and high quality construction services. We strive to earn your satisfaction guaranteed and on schedule. Superior Fire is mindful to applying the highest ethical codes to our services and in talking with our customers.

Superior Fire performs every project with confidence and certainty to finish our job for general contractors and residential owners alike. Most noteworthy is that we remain with our founding value of integrity. It is our goal to be the most efficient and safe fire sprinkler company in California.

In conclusion, Superior Fire aims to fulfill our goals in every Fire Sprinkler and General Construction Project.

Because Superior Fire understands the environmental and economic impact due to certain aspects that go into the construction business; Our responsibility as a small business in the US is to maintain strict ethical values. Especially relevant at the present time is energy conservation. For this reason we are doing our part to create lifelong sustainability as well as keeping our ecosystem healthy and productive.

As a result Superior Fire recycles 100% of our unused material. We have reduced construction waste and waste water on jobsites. We use energy efficient appliances in our offices. We also seek to work together with LEED Affiliated companies.

Superior Fire Inc., is honored to be actively building relationships with our communities and government officials alike. As a result; We began working on federal projects in early 2010 when joining the SBA 8(A) program. In short because the resources of Superior Fire this gives us the ability to perpetually be able to allocate all federal government jobs. As well as our private work. Altogether to satisfy the vast needs of the Southern California market. It is especially relevant to us to serve our military families that work hard to keep our homes safe.

In conclusion, Our talented personnel finishes jobs with integrity and experience.  Overall, we offer a professional ability to meet the needs of any project from large federal projects to private residences.


“Given what I know about Superior Fire’s ability to perform in accordance with [our] contract and the most significant requirements, I would recommend them for many similar projects in the future”

Stanley Fujimoto Contracting Officer, Army Core of Engineers

Superior Fire Certification
Superior Fire Pipe Fitter

The Superior Fire Advantage

Our job is protecting lives and property so your business, your home, your valuables, and foremost your family and friends stay safe.

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Solutions for Saving Lives
and Properties

Servicing Los Angeles, San Diego,
Santa Barbara, and Ventura County

Superior Fire Inc. has over 30 million square feet of completed fire sprinkler projects that range from single family homes to offices, residential buildings, university campuses, large shopping centers, skyscrapers and government facilities.

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