CO2 Fire Suppression Systems

CO2 fire suppression systems are the ideal choice as an extinguishing agent for a range of facilities.  Each COsystems is designed to provide automatic discharge for surface-type fires and potential deep-seated fires.  The use of CO2 is a low-cost, clean agent. The discharge of carbon dioxide is non-damaging to property and electrically non-conductive. This being said these systems are ideal for saving computer and electrical equipment in the case of a fire.

Low pressure and high pressure CO2 systems are adaptable, efficient and fast in response to a wide variety of hazards. Standard low pressure systems can be located in areas with ambient temperature ranges from -10 degrees F to +150 degrees F. Special treatment is required for high pressure storage cylinders when ambient temperatures fall below 32 degrees F or rise above 120 degrees F.  The low pressure concept is worth considering when quantities of CO2 are greater than about one ton. When multiple hazards must be protected within a single facility. Or, when discharges are common and frequent recharge of the system will be necessary.

CO2 Fire Suppression tanks
Fire Suppression CO2

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