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If your business relies on sensitive electronic equipment in order to operate, water from a fire sprinkler system can do more damage than a fire itself. For businesses like these, fire sprinkler systems are not an option, Our suppression systems react quickly to fires, suppressing them to minimize damage, clean-up and business downtime.

Our Systems we offer:

Our wide variety of fire suppression systems and services leaves our clients feeling safe and secure about their business and homes. Fires can be devastating, superior fire does their best to suppress any potential loss.

Services we offer:

  • Fire Suppression Estimates and design
  • Fire Suppression Installation
  • Fire Suppression Inspections
  • Fire Suppression Testing and Repairs
  • Fire Suppression Replacement

Suppression System Inspection & Maintenance

The most important thing you can do for your fire suppression system is to make sure it works at all times in order to protect your employees and property. Superior Fire Inc  provides suppression system inspection and maintenance to keep your system in compliance and, most importantly, to keep your facility and employees safe.

At Superior Fire Inc we offer a variety of suppression systems designed to keep your building safe from fires at all times, including fire suppression systems for:

  • Restaurants
  • Vehicles and commercial fleets
  • Industrial industries
  • Auto body and paint shops
  • Micro environments
  • Hazardous material storage


Foam Suppression

Aside from loss of life from fire, there is nothing more devastating than mass property destruction, loss of information and downtime for you repairs. For fire suppression systems, we offer:

  • Estimates and design
  • Installation
  • Inspection
  • Testing
  • Repair
  • Replacement
  • Recharging

Fire suppression systems are used in conjunction with various fire alarm and detection systems to protect your most valuable business assets.

We can install and service a complete range of suppression systems.

Gaseous Systems
  • Flow & Tamper Switches
  • Master Control Boxes
  • Linear Heat Detection
  • Fire Alarm Testing
  • Fire Alarm Monitoring
  • Fire Alarm Estimates
  • Engineering & Design Installation
  • Emergency Service & Repair
  • Distribution
  • Emergency & Exit Lighting

Preventive Maintenance

We offer many Preventive Maintenance Packages which allows us to proactively discover any corrections to your building so that in the case of an emergency, all of your Fire equipment or systems properly function.

Testing & Inspection

Did you receive fire department citation or Insurance deficiency notice? Let our fire protection professionals deal with all your headache. We offer variety of solutions to meet your needs. Call us for free site review and consultation. No obligation.

Design & Construction

We provide one-stop solution by providing design, fabrication, repair, and emergency service on wide variety of fire protection and life safety systems. Contact us for free consultation and estimate.

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