Superior Fire is a full service fire protection contractor located in Southern California.

We offer a wide variety or fire protection services.



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Fire Sprinkler Systems

Superior Fire Inc’s commanding officer offers an extensive and pristine knowledge of Fire Sprinkler Systems. Using his specialized team of Foremen and pipe fitters, Superior Fire offers a unique way to complete any new and retrofit designs.

When sprinkler systems are properly installed and maintained, these systems have been proven to the best means to protect property and save lives in the event of fire. Superior Fire meets all requirements throughout cities, counties and regions.

Our Systems we install:

Fire Suppression Systems

If your business relies on sensitive electronic equipment in order to operate,  water from a fire sprinkler system can do more damage than a fire itself. For businesses like these, fire sprinkler systems are not an option, Our fire suppression systems react quickly to fires, suppressing them to minimize damage, clean-up and business downtime.

Our Systems we offer:

Our wide variety of fire suppression systems and services leaves our clients feeling safe and secure about their business and homes. Fires can be devastating, Superior Fire does their best to suppress any potential loss.

Fire Alarm and Detection Systems

SFI has been working with subcontractors to help service projects that call for modernized fire alarm systems. more recently, Superior Fire is offering full service from our hand picked personnel to manage work safely and effectively.  Our Fire Alarm and detection professionals work with the big brands names that offer the most effective outcome.

Our Company Offers:

SFI accommodates for all types of Fire Alarm Systems from the small conventionals to technologically advanced type Systems

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